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Coilovers Shock Absorber Coil Spring Struts 1989-1990. load is placed onto the spring. I don’t have one and haven’t got the room; I can’t carry one around the auto-jumbles Enter the appropriate figures into the Shock Spring Rate Calculator included in the references below and press the calculate button. 001″ increments of pre load with out taking the hub off the truck. KONI - Coilover Kit - TT Mk1 Quattro: On Order Includes four KONI Sport valved struts and/or shocks featuring threaded adjustable lower spring perches and progressive rate lowering springs designed for performance street driving. So, how do you actually calculate the rate? Spring rate also plays a role in stiffness. To calculate the spring rate you need to know the That's a 7kg spring. I purchased my Spax in 2012 and the rears was pathetic in comparison. I need the following from you before working these coil rates out. One is for the spring being compressed (compression line) and one for Rebound (rebound line). Measure the scale at 1" and 2" compression and see what I've got. You should always find the closest spring rate available for your application. Does this look correct? Now, to calculate the spring rate AT THE WHEEL, we must square the shock angle factor and the motion ratio. Spring Rate refers to the amount of weight it takes to compress a spring a certain distance. 0 ID Eibach Coilover springs in stock and ready for quick shipment so you don’t have to wait for their next production run. ) and we want to find the pounds per inch for whatever spring will be a good starting point. All you have to cover is the shipping costs. These springs provide an excellent balance of handling, performance, and ride quality. Art Carr/Winters Shifter Overview Video The Main Spring should have the same or higher spring rate and a longer length than the Tender Spring. Unfortunately the weigh bridge wont help with choosing spring rates as there are so many variables to calculate spring rates, Assuming the new coil overs are mounted at the same angle as the original springs/shocks and the mounting point on the a-arm is no further in or out then a good starting point would be to go with the same poundage as the jag springs, If you are running coilover in the rear the spring rate will be a lot different then for people running non-coilover set. 75" ID Eibach & PAC Springs - For 3. If a coil- over spring is rubbing the shock, try reversing the spring so the  Preload Adjuster: (number of turns) The standard formula ignores the effect of applying preload and tends to calculate too high a spring rate. Just plug in the weight, motion ratio of the arms, and your Hz and out comes your spring rate. will be higher/ or your springs will unload at droop and damage the coil over. P65Warnings. 155" of shock travel. Extended Length 12-1/2" Stroke 2-1/8" Comparing 1G and 2G spring rates is useless, they have a different mechanical advantage and so for the same spring rate the wheel (which is all we care about) will se a different rate. You'll need to know what valving is inside those shocks, what motion ratio you'll get once mounted and calculate what spring rate to use. Adding more preload will raise the car. How a Dual Rate Coil Over Works Here is a diagram of how a dual rate coilover works. The car under study is Toyota Corolla GL 1982 code name KE70, 4 door sedan (KE70R-EEMNS). 1) Spring rate will be lower and therefore lighter – unsprung weight will be slightly less 2) The damper travel will be longer. Why wouldn't you calculate or measure the motion ratios? I confess that I have never once calculated the effective spring rate of a spring. We have tons of 3. If the rate of the spring is linear, its rate is not affected by the load that is put on the spring. Measure the angle of  Jul 24, 2015 Coilovers ordered from us with springs & AccuTune valving receive a highly accurate spring rate calculation including 5 point performance  Apr 27, 2017 Online calculator for finding sprung weight, motion ratio, static load, spring rate, and wheel rate. 25" Coil-Over Spring Mount Load Cell is designed to accurately and consistently measure spring force, that is isolated from shock absorber loads. 75”. 5 for an inboard spring (making the spring effectively twice as soft if you use the standard spring position). Specs like spring rate, free height, installed height, spring wire diameter and so on. But mounting the coilover as upright and as far outboard as practical has too advantages. The Spax tech when I spoke to him said they are also valved go up to a next spring rate, these are very similar to the Spax race rears that are controlled for the 750mc club (on ktec website). That being said, I'm running 550lb up front and am wanting to get my rear effective rate around 480. Others require you to pick a wheel rate and get the spring rate from that, which I think is absurd. Well – going back to your rate of pay, if you make $10 per hour and only work for 15 minutes, don’t you want to make $2. So, I just got my H+R Race springs for an A6Q Avant. All you need to do is change a value in any of the boxes in the upper section and the boxes in the lower section will automatically display the calculated values. My King Springs have thier part number and rate in lb written on them. . The front spring rate is 5 kg/mm and the rear is 6 kg/mm. This is because the spring, with a solid center mount, actually operates like two independent "quarter elliptic" springs, aiding wheel control and supporting the lower links. And four different springs would be fine – if all cars were built the same and if everyone wanted their car to ride the same and sit at the same height. Our customers are very familiar with our Remote Reservoir which is known for its excellent performance. 48 Hz for the rear. Zero preload top spring is compressed 4" lower is Wheel Rate (WR) is the effective rate of the spring at the lower ball joint (BJ) located on the lower A-arm or control Arm which compresses the spring (modern independent suspension). com, the official website of 8-Lug magazine. The final piece of the puzzle to calculating Spring Rate is to measure the spring’s angle of inclination front and rear so that we can determine the Angle Correction Factor (ACF). Notice that the first or primary spring rate is a combination of the two springs working together. if both springs are 8" free standing and the spring must hold up 2000#. Our Spring Rate Chart PDF lists spring rates for several popular vehicle applications as well as average street rod weights. Learn how to take measurements for the best  a set distance. ca. Having the correct springs and shocks could put you to the winner circle. 0" Coilovers Free shipping on orders over $150 Free spring swapping Free rate calculations Free tech advise These Detroit Speed front coilover springs are designed for use with your new DSE coilover conversion bracketry kit on 1967-1969 Camaro. 75 = 200 pounds. This is an experimental car. By picking and choosing the two springs in the assembly, we can give you a fairly broad range of spring rates and rate combinations. Seminar on The Advancement & Trend in Soil Structural Engineering in The Third Millennium, March 7, 2001 Jakarta Page 1 of 10 NOTES ON THE APLICATION OF SPRING CONSTANT AND SOIL STRUCTURE INTERACTION PROBLEM GOUW Tjie-Liong Senior Geotechnical Consultant Coilover shocks or ShockWave air springs are available on either system. Coilovers for Nissan S14 200SX 240SX Adjustable Height + Camber Shock Absorber. Adj. While this may be okay for a racing team that has the resources to keep an entire stock of springs with different spring rates available, it is unrealistic for the average weekend racer. Set the height of the upper mount and then adjust spring rate from there. 00 off. 33#/in. If it is less, then you're gonna have coil bind. Above chart and image from QA1. each spring will add its rate each inch it is compressed. Shocks such as fox shocks are rebuidable and revalvable. Two springs with different spring rates is very common and is often set up as a dual-rate shock. Learn to calculate the correct spring rates you need for your Rock Crawler, Rock Bouncer, Jeep, or other buggy at home. But here’s the good news: this is easily correctable. Search Products. To calculate your target coilover spring rate, enter your vehicle weights and suspension details in the fields below, then click the calculate button. which will likely be a 100 lb. But I do know that you can calculate the rate of a spring based on its diameter, number of coils and the diameter of the wire it is wound The answer to that problem is a little more complex. Spring load determines how much load a spring can support at a given height. It will ask you for your make, model, year. 23 Coil Spring Variations To Fit Your Street Rod Perfectly. The rest will be up to tweaking. Preload or in other words spring tension is amongst the most important thing when it comes to your coil-overs. no longer active (this changes one of the three rate-determining factors). recommended an “initial spring rate” to install on your vehicle, from which the correct baseline spring rate can be derived. the springs i believe are 2. www. I understand the theory on spring rates, in that setting pre-load does not alter Are you doing a tilt test to measure the CG height? Or using corner weights  Spring rates available from 350# - 2,000# (Click Here to calculate spring rate) as 3‰Û of shock travel with coil over spring rates available from 250# to 2,400#. 5" & 5 1/2" OD Front Coil Springs Available for 67-69 Camaro, 68-74 Nova and 64-72 Chevelle/Monte Carlo. If the first two inches of travel are dual spring rate of 125 lbs (250 lbs total for two inches) and the last 6 inches of travel are single spring rate of 250 lbs (1500 lbs total) your total spring pressure at compression is 1750 lbs. “Most coilover-shock lengths will determine the length of spring to be used, but within that spring length, there are other considerations like the spring’s design, features, and spring rate. When in doubt, choose a lower spring rate. BC Racing Coilovers choose your spring rates. So, with the numbers you provided the OEM height can be calculated. 600 inches, a mean diameter of 4. A captured-spring coilover with an upper spring cap will use a spring with the same inside diameter on top and bottom. Filthy Motorsports stands behind their spring rate recommendations on all new King coilover purchases and offers free spring exchanges if the springs you receive are too short, too tall, too soft, or too firm. 2 lb/in. For example, say you have a 200 lb. 82. Why?? Would choice B mean more of a bumpy ride with increase handling? I'm just looking for a "better than OEM" ride with some lowering for looks. Ideal for go-carts, mini-bikes, utility vehicles and other equipment. After rebuilding the front suspension and brakes, the team at Hot Rods by Dean turned their attention to the rear suspension 2. 50? I’m sure you do! When Does the Spring Rate Stop Being Constant? I am wondering what people are thinking about coilover spring rates. 25"ID. Leaf Springs. It also improves the steering feel and response. Everything in gray should be left alone and the calculated spring rates will be yellow. Acxess Spring is making spring design easy with our amazing spring calculator. For example, an 800 lb/in stock location spring has a wheel rate of 200 lb/in. I have some springs on my car now that "I think" are too soft when the car is loaded. You will even see some different ones like the McLaren and Saleen cars. Call to determine the correct spring for your application. 0 coilover. Im about 200lbs are geared up and my sag on the drz is way too much. Competitive pricing, user-friendly online shopping with near immediate response and fulfillment… can’t beat that! 78 results for qa1 coilover Save qa1 coilover to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Coil Spring Rate Calculator. im trying to figure out what is the best spring You need to know this data before you can calculate the effective spring rate you need. Fox shock has been manufacturing racing shocks for more than thirty years and are quality shocks. Return to Spring calculator rule in Collection. Use this valve spring calculation tool to enhance and fine tune your spring and cylinder head installation. Welcome to the coil spring rate calculation page. 00 per hub. The Spring Creator, spring calculation software, features a compression spring calculator, an extension spring calculator, and a torsion spring calculator all with amazing new features. ) Each spring is optimized by using a smaller wire diameter and fewer coils, creating a lighter spring. Performance off-road coilover shocks are designed to have two different springs installed on them such that the vehicle transitions from a softer combined spring rate to the stiffer lower spring at some point during the compression stroke. If you dont run it, your ride ht. Obtain your spring calculations with our Free online spring calculator Design 3 different types of springs including compression, extension, and torsion. It’s a standard coilover that’s adjusted via spring seat. Interlocking Tube Clamps Video . The installed height of the shock should land somewhere between 12-5/8” to 13-1/4” and use a 12” spring. 5 inches, and 8 active coils. The spring’s length, width, thickness, number of leaves, hardness, bushings and clips determine the spring rate. Remember the C/O gives you the ability to raise and lower the car but if you have to compress the spring greater than the amount that the car weight compresses it you will be adding preload to the spring and it will cause a pretty stiff ride over small bumps. The linear portion of the spring stiffness will be inversely proportional to the length. I placed my order around 2:00 PM today and it got shipped the same day with confirmed delivery time. Spring rate for a free height of 267mm or 10. You can't put a F150 shock & spring on a Fiesta, they are specific, custom pieces tailored to the weight, geometry and purpose of the vehicle. To figure out the Spring Rate you start by compressing the spring about 20% of the available distance of the spring and measure the height (Load Length 1) and the Load 1 in (lbs/inch) or (N/mm). If the spring rate is 10 pounds per inch and the spring is only half an inch long, maybe it can only be deflected a quarter of an inch. More info on how to use the F-O-A Spring Rate Calculator can be found here. For single spring coilovers your calculation is done. A spring can lose its load height over time if steel is not heat treated properly. So, that means that the total spring rate is 500#/6in = 83. or ride quality, the spring and shock assembly must be removed and the spring changed with a different spring rate. . spring rate calculator. The equations: The coilover spring rate Kc To help our customers choose the most suitable spring rate, we've developed a simple calculator that will determine what Suspension Frequency their chosen spring rate will give on their particular vehicle. wheel rate = spring rate/leverage^2 another name for leverage by the suspension arms is the "motion ratio". Basically, the number is telling you the number of pounds per inch of spring the spring can withstand before it no longer has any further ability to compress. I'm sure you realise the handling balance implications of halving a rear spring rate! Spring Calculator - TF Tuned are experts in mountain bike and bicycle suspension service and repair, including setting-up the for you and your bike the motion" ratio" ends up" decreasing" which" means" the spring" rate at" the wheel" is decreasing"asthe "spring"iscompressing. I’m talking about cutting the length of your stock springs. Or, you use this formula to guesstimate: spring weight = rider weight x leverage ratio The benefits of a four-link over a simple leaf-spring suspension include controlling axlewrap, better departure angles, controlling axle path, and reducing the uncontrolled variables of axle movement down to just spring rate and shock valving. Normal wheel rate to spring rate ratio are 2-3:1. 0 is  I was mocking up my coilovers and noticed that the 350lb spring is weight of the car per corner into determining what spring rate to run. gov. The conversion is done through the use of what's called the motion ratio. The calculators worked for me and many others. 14" 2. Running 14" 150 over 16" 250. RAETECH's 2. RE: T springs - I thought it was a P front and K rear as per P/N's listed on the spring? Or am I crazy? I thought I had read that somewhere How much the wheel travels up and down (or it's stiffness) when the spring is loaded/unloaded is called the wheel rate. For these two reasons we recommend running a longer lower spring on coilovers. For Honda Civic 2006-2011 LX EX SI FA5 FG2 FG1 Adj. Look at the available spring rates and their applications below. 05inch) which is spring length. spring rate conversion by Paul on 03/16/05 at 00:40:57 Can anyone help me with a spring rate conversion? Some of the new springs are rated at kg/mm and previously have been rated in lbs. To figure out your combined spring rate, the formula is "S1xS2/S1+S2" where S1 equals one of the spring's advertised rate and S2 is the other spring's rate. The second, will be calculating the combined affect of the tire spring rate and the coilover spring rate and the third will be solving for the natural frequency. 5” ID spring; BILSTEIN does not manufacture or sell coil springs for off-road use. 2001 to 2010 Chevy The correct spring rate for rider weight depends on the suspension design, travel, and leverage ratio. The Grab-A-Trak upper and lower control arms and new coil springs with the spring rate of your choice will have your An S5205 has an extended length 15. Can anyone advise on spring rates for a Volvo 740? Or would any one know the standard spring rates? I currently have a set of BC coil overs on my 1988 Volvo 740. Street Performance & Racing Spring Rate Tech. The free rate is generally progressive, meaning that the leaf spring rate does not increase proportional to the rate of deflection. As to the spring and its value – typically and primarily due to the shock angle installed, a 250 spring is suggested. Integral Kobe Master Spec Coilover Kit Type-R. $665. This is really quite simple. It isn't as if the market for coilover kits for Colorados is all that big ya know. 10th March 2005. Wheel Rate is the spring rate actually measured at the wheel (or tire). All SLS springs are orange and are marked with their spring rate in lbs/in (in 25 lb increments) and the maximum travel of the shock that they are designed to be paired with. The Tender Spring should have the same or lower spring rate and will most likely be shorter than the Main Spring. There is a squared relationship for the mechanical advantage between the "wheel rate" and "spring rate". If you call Elka they will help you figure it out. MODEL N1090-EA SPRING CALCULATOR. net 800. A car spring is specified according to how much it deflects for a given mass placed on top of it. The location of the e30 spring is different from the 2002 spring. 21 Jan. I know that will not be exact, but it will be a big improvement anyway. For example, a 200 pound spring over a 300 pound spring you would figure out as follows: 200x300 divided by 200+300. Knowing the True Spring Rate The very first thing to consider when talking about what rate springs to use in your race car is knowing exactly what the spring rate is for each of your springs. Kaz Technologies has made it easier to select the right spring for the shocks you are using. For Nissan S13 240SX Adj. Hello guys, I bought one set of Ground Control coilover (have eibach springs) for the front suspension of my 2002 race car project, but i didnt find the spring rate, anyone know the spring rate of this? This now needs to be re-done with our rear spring rates and rear coilover installation ratios to calculate our rear wheel rate. 11" Rear Black 200-240# Spring. The rate  Oct 3, 2017 When we talk about suspension settings and setups, you often hear spring rates and damping levels thrown around without context or proper  May 3, 2010 Spring rate refers to the amount of weight needed to compress a spring an . When the axle hits an obstacle, the leaf spring compresses getting flatter and longer, the shackle allows the spring to move without binding. This High performance 1955-57 Chevy Belair tubular control arm and coil over kit is a step above the crowd. per inch spring - it will compress 1” when a 200 lb. Not really into handling, so it will be an added benefit. 7". It will provide you with the shock spring rate. 5" ID Eibach & PAC Springs - For 2. This idealized formula assumes linear (non-progressive) springs, no friction, and no damping. Then we square the motion ratio of 1. The equivalent to that formula will be your compression spring rate as shown below. No need for a bearing spacer. With a ratio of 1:1, the spring rate would also be the same, resulting in 100lb/kg of resistance. Spring Rates. The database contained in the Spring Rate Calculator contains every spring and shock combination offered by RideTech. The spring rate is the amount of weight that it takes to collapse a spring one inch. 04” and a collapsed length of 10. To use our calculator, simply enter the variables required and click on Calculate Frequency. This gives us a spring rate of 325#. The selection of spring rates suitable to support the vehicle weight at ride height is directly dependent on the coil-over The spring rate calculator on the right is fairly simple to use. How to set spring pre-load. Leaf springs actually date back to medieval times — that’s how old the technology is — but Since cutting a spring basically reduces N, Spring Rate would increase with the same proportion! Example, my Ground Control coilover spring is 6 kg/mm and has 200mm free length. This Spring Calculator has been developed to meet industry's need for solving most spring calculations simply and accurately. Thank you for your enquiry into suitable Coilover Spring Rates for your 82 Jeep Scrambler. The front wire is 1mm thicker but the OD of the spring is the same. The demonstration above (Figure1) illustrates two 100lb/in springs stacked in series as a dual rate system with a combined rate of 50lb/in. 0" ID Eibach & PAC Springs - For 2. Cheap Shock Absorber& Struts, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:Coilover Suspension Amortisseur for Nissan 350Z Fairlady Z Infiniti G35 Coupe Coilovers Shocks Absorber Coupe Roadster Spring Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. There is a small gap between these two lines. GC also installed their coilover conversion kit, with 475# front and 650# rear springs. Stacked Spring “Combined Rates” Chart  Hello I have a question on coil-over preload for Progressive springs. For a stock Fox Mustang front suspension, the wheel rate is 25% of the stock location spring's rate. It is extremely important to make sure the coil-over are properly set to avoid future problems that may occur when the coil-over are not properly set up and adjusted accordingly. Our 1968 Corvette coupe is edging ever closer to hitting the highway. Chrome plated body with painted spring. Notes on The Application of Spring Constant …. ,LTD. For example, a 400 pounds/inch spring compresses by 1 inch when 400 pounds is placed on top. Spring Calculator - The Spring Store JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The STREET series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while maintaining comfort for daily driven street cars. ;) The spring rate is the amount of force (weight/mass) the spring requires to compress the specified amount. Knowing your spring rate will determine if your spring will function correctly under your working loads. If i cut it 25% shorter to 150mm, i'd also increase the spring rate by 25% to 8 kg/mm. The canned value is a best guess of the effect ECE will have on preload adjustment. Trying to calculate how preload will be with a higher and lower spring rate. PAC & Eibach Coilover Springs 2. The wheel rate is usually lower than the true spring rate due to factors such as spring position and control arm or axle leverage that can effectively lessen the spring rate at the wheel versus the actual spring rate at the spring. I don't want this discussion to be about the dampening of the piston, just springs. If you can find a Rockwell spring chart online you can see all the different year and model specs they offer. CR = Combined spring rate R1 = Spring rate of top spring R2 = Spring rate of bottom spring (and total spring rate after the stop) So if we go for about 70 pounds spring rate, we might end up with 100 over 180 for a spring rate of 70. for a metric spring rate (kg/mm) to a standard spring rate (lbs / in) use the formula. Front pre-load is as supplied by BC (not sure what this spec is) and the rear pre load is 5 mm. However, due to the sheer number of variables, it is impossible for our technical staff to predict the precise baseline Dave, How do you determine the coil-over "spring rate" on a spring that is not marked. SPECIFICATIONS. It’s their entry-level model that’s made for those who want a neater looking car with a top quality suspension. For example, your OEM front springs compress 1 inch when you put 146 pounds on it. 1) F/R spring linear spring rates for dedicated race car (track or AutoX) 2) opinions on the ideal F/R split 3) advise if the rear is true Coil-over or OEM configured. The spring rate is less than the 110 lb/in of our other item similar to this. The leaf spring suspension we see in many muscle cars is called a semi-elliptical leaf spring arrangemen t, meaning there’s one spring on each side and not two connected to each other to form a complete circle. New Radflo Shock/Spring Packages with 2 springs available on our website. How to choose Spring Rate. 721. My question is most coilover setups I see are offered in spring rates anywhere from 350-550 lb springs. Usually 1. ). In many cases our recommended initial spring rate will be the correct baseline spring rate. Coil Spring Rate Wallace Racing BACK to Auto Math. Calculator for Finding Spring Rates from Design Specifications for Compression Springs coilover spring rate help. It is fairly easy to calculate or luck into an acceptable spring rate for poorly designed suspension. XX kg/mm x  Aug 1, 2017 Learn how to select the right Coilover shocks for your street rod. Looking to replace your coilover springs? Or perhaps go for a softer or firmer spring rate? Then these replacement coilover springs by SWIFT are here for just the job. Let’s take a look at the relationship between spring and wheel rates. Looking on ebay you can buy coilover springs for around 25 each at whatever rate you like so i am thinking of swapping my rears to the front and then buying a pair of 300lb/inch springs for the rear which will give: Front: 343lb/in Rear: 300lb/in You just doubled your effective spring rate by going to a Single spring. 5" Coilovers 3. Anti-Roll Bar Wheel Rate Tag: spring rate. Spring rate refers to the amount of weight needed to compress a spring one inch. 15-3/8" extended, 10-3/8" compressed. Our Spring Creator Calculator is composed of three individual spring calculators. Dual Rate Spring Calculation Guide. Trevor at GC indicated there is room to take it to -2. Spring Rate Conversion Chart – Easily Convert KG/mm to LBS/in Features and Specs Review Rev9 Coilovers are the latest coilover to hit the market that offer a Spring Rate & Pressure at Compressed Length This is really quite simple. any decent/proper suspension shop that specialises in race cars (not franchises) will probably have a test rig to measure the rates. Jet’s even offers two spring rate setups to make sure you’re getting the best combination for your Miata. Shock Valving Review Only your spring rate spring rate set-up all coilover kit are made with higher rating in front then rear. Stacked Spring “Combined Rates” Chart. Preload is the distance you will want to tighten the lower coil mount on the coilover to compress the spring; this will put shock compression near 50% of its stroke when the car is resting at ride height. Coilover spring rate calculations Some require you to buy a "baseline" spring, take measurements, then calculate the actual spring rate you need by making corrections. the spring rate Using Spring Frequency factors in the sprung weight of the car per corner into determining what spring rate to run. Call any other spring source or hot rod shop and they might have four different Mustang II front end springs. Calculating the spring rate for a leaf spring is much more complex than for a coil spring. For more information go to www. We also know the shock info, such as oal, travel, and damping. 75, motion ratio for e30 is either 0. The Capri even uses a different spring and rate than the same year Mustang. Current example. You should be able to calculate the rate of the Ridgeline's springs by measuring the change in length after you put a load on it (known amount of weight). I calculate 387F/514R. It means when the wheel moves 1", the spring compresses 0. 67,( overall leverage ratio of the suspension arms, angles, etc. you can calculate the new spring rate by dividing 150 by the correction factor for 30 degrees (0. A spring’s Spring Rate and a spring’s Load Rate are the two most misunderstood spring terms out there. You have to go in like you are looking for springs for your bike. So the equation for Wheel Rate is the Motion Ratio squared times the Spring Rate [ The reason it is "squared" is because to factors are altered with leverage. The higher the spring rate, the stiffer the spring. One is through calculations based upon looking at and measuring the spring. Choosing the Right Coilover We used RideTech’s Spring Rate Calculator to calculate the specific springs and shocks needed for our Ford. Read about the factors that affect the spring rate of leaf springs, coil springs, coilover shocks, air shocks, and torsion bars, only on 8-lug. WR is Spring Rate (SR) actual effective value after the mechanical advantage or leverage. Only at www. Hyperco Springs for Ohlins 50mm TTX25 Ohlins Springs for Ohlins TTX25 Spring Rates: This kit includes 550# springs. October 24, 2018. For new builds, we will provide our best estimate for the spring rates needed. Definitions: Spring Rate is half the difference between the loads 1 inch above and 1 inch below a specified position. 5" stroke shock. Of course, before we go about picking spring rates, we must first understand some basic spring theory. I currently have stock tbs and 400 lb coils Definitely need more rear spring. Because of that consistency, it’s very easy to calculate out how the spring will behave under various conditions. 0 ID PAC Coilover Springs and 3. The perfect choice for lifting, leveling or dropping the front suspension on torsion bar equipped trucks and SUV’s. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Only Swift brand springs are used. I've never driven it on the street with the coilovers so I can't give you an idea of how it rides. 2 Hz for the front and 2. Spring Rate. This Spring Rate Calculator will help you to find an approximate spring rate for your coil-over application. Vehicle weight, corner weights and shock angles are some of the most critical measurements you’ll need to calculate your spring rates. 0 ID springs in stock, will calculate the rates, and have the easiest & cheapest spring swapping policy in the industry. If you determine you want 2. Unfortunately, Comfort is a very subjective topic;  Sep 3, 2008 Here's a picture of a typical coilover front suspension: Now, to calculate the spring rate AT THE WHEEL, we must square the shock angle  There has been a theory that spring rates change (pounds per inch of Nothing in spring rate calculation indicates that a coil spring ever changes rate. 14 to How do I calculate coil spring rate? Ideally you’d do this with a spring rate checker; a heavy hydraulic press that takes up quite a bit of valuable workshop space, not to mention a ££££. Fox shocks are one of our best selling shocks. The Tender Spring is the top spring that covers the body of the shock. This calculator computes the spring constant k for a compression spring that exerts a force F when deformed to the length L def . This is our value for wheel rate during bump. Typical stacked spring on a coilover setup. Using spring frequency allows you to transfer and/or compare The combined spring rate for a series of springs is lower than either individual spring rate. Using the equation below gives us a spring rate of about 250 lb/in. They can also offer advice on spring rates Cheap shocks struts, Buy Quality kit honda civic directly from China coilover suspension kits Suppliers: Coilover Coil Spring Struts Suspension For Honda Civic 06-11 Non Adjustable Damper shocks Absorber for FA5 FG2 FG1 LX EX SI FA5 Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. According to Fernando Gutierrez of Atlas Spring, “Most coil springs have a linear spring rate. The stiffer the spring rate, the harsher the ride–this is an absolute truth. It's easy to use with accurate measurements. Or 80 over 200, or 140 over 140. 2. It is traditionally the way progressive rates are measured. I am considering moving to coilover setup. Our design team can calculate for many The 8125 Series uses industry standard coilover springs – 60mm shock uses a 3. A 500#/in spring and a 100#/in spring will, as you stated deflect a total of 6in for an applied load of 500#. In order to calculate our wheel rate in roll we must now calculate the wheel rate for our anti-roll bar. compartment. I saw this on Ridetech's site and compared it to my own coilover spring rate calculator with different results. Different spring rates will be appropriate depending on your weight, riding style/discipline, the leverage ratio of the bike, and the suspension design of the frame. Also worth nothing that there are two lines in this plot. use the formula to calculate which the spring rate. Our front coil-over conversion kit uses Aldan Phantom Series single adjustable coilovers deliver superior handling & ride quality for a drastic improvement over stock suspension. Total Wheel Travel (in) Sprung Weight of corner (lb. After deciding on a front spring rate, use our MM Rule of Thumb to select the rear spring rate that provides the best match to the front spring rate, while taking into account the rear suspension type (4-link, torque-arm, etc. For example, a 250 pound-per-inch spring with 250 pounds resting upon it will compress 1 inch. (this is assuming a linear spring rate. ' I've been thinking some more about what I said in the e-mail and the 164 lb per inch correction is only a static load that we can use to determine ride height. (Or a 20 kg/mm spring compresses by 1mm when 20kg is placed on top. Because of the leaf spring’s multi-leaf design, they have a progressive spring rate. I currently have 620 lb coil springs in my 67 Firebird. 25 = 1000lb. However, most BILSTEIN off-road retailers sell springs. Unfortunately some portion of the part of the spring you cut off is not in the linear portion of the spring in fact ~3/4 of the first coil are against the control or spring saddle and not acting as a spring at all. October 16, 2018 . Calculating Spring Rates. jegs. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel and urethane, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. I know that motion ratio for the 2002 in the rear is 0. The rate only tells how much height will change as load is changed. I have always regarded the actual spring rate times the compression distance of the spring as the load factors for the mounts, and used the MR to figure the effective rate at the wheel. Rate = Load ÷ Travel k = L ÷ T The calculation of spring rate is linear on extension and compression springs; unlike torsion springs where the force is radial. Dual Rate Coilovers (8" to 16" Coilovers) Dual rate coilovers use two springs, so you will double the required spring rate and split the difference. Getting your suspension in tune can be tricky. WHAT IS SPRING RATE? Spring rate refers to the amount of weight that is needed to compress a spring one inch. The way I calculate this, it would require a spring rate of 1006/2 or 503 pounds per inch. Rex Let's do another example. com, the official website for Chevy High To calculate the amount of spring rate you will need on order to meet your working loads, simply divide the load you will be applying on your spring by the distance you expect your spring to travel or compress under that load. (Hey! No flaming the tech writer!) Now, I would never, ever advocate just randomly hacking a coil or two off of a spring and hoping for the best. spring. Sway away shock and Fox The Feal 441 Road Race spec coilover kit is a completely custom hand-built kit that is ready to ship or be picked in 3-5 business days. 1. To obtain the wheel rate, multiply the spring rate by the factor that corresponds to the spring type and position on the car (stock or coilover, front or rear). If you have two coilover systems priced the same: A) Lower spring rate B) Higher spring rate Most of everyone would choose B. Coilover Shock Absorber Assembly, Brakes, Calculate Shipping for Item 28-1907. /in) Calculate Dual Spring Rate Main Tender Individual Spring Rates (lb. Choosing the correct spring rate for your vehicle. This was the first widespread use of the coilover in automobile suspensions, but there are other designs. If another Read all about how to choose the propper spring rate for your suspension system and adjustment tips from Chassisworks. 5" spring movement but the forces are also doubled, so the spring rate is the wheel rate multiplied by the mechanical advantage squared. After you place an order we gather relevant information about your car and driving: -Tire size -Tire UTQG rati [Calculate your spring rate] [Coilover suspension pics in C3] [Corvette Chassis Design/Construction] 14 Megs of Zipped JPEGs [Corvette Handling] PDF File (beyond HUGE at 170mb! [Custom 5-link suspension] Lookhays Measurements & Pics [Dick Guldstrand Suspension Advice] Magazine Article courtesy of 67Heaven In this case, a single, transverse-mounted spring represented a cost- and weight-effective method of utilizing a fully independent rear suspension. This involves subtracting the appropriate number from the front coil-over spring rate to determine the matching rear End-Coil Effect (percent): closed/ground compression springs have a typically lower spring rate in their initial deflection range. Adjust in . It is a percentage of the overall spring rate used in calculating the spring tension for the specified turns of preload. Using the calculator and starting with the stock rates of 293F/284R. Close enough to agree with the numbers published in the FIAT factory manual. It doesn't matter if you're working on your race car, street rod, or classic truck, finding the right setup for an optimal ride takes time, money, and experience. to use easy numbers, suppose the mechanical advantage is 2. This The rate is determined by material and dimension of the spring. chevyhiperformance. 5″ BILLET HUB SALE Get your new hubs at a much lower price. You have the spring rate (you call it spring constant) so you can calculate it yourself. I ride pavement only, fairley agressive Can anyone give me an idea which spring rate would be right. The second or secondary spring rate kicks in when the floater engages the lock ring. net. Increase the pressure to arrive at the sort of spring rate you'd want for racing, and you just raised the car. UMI's bolt-in rear coilover kit for 1964-1972 Chevelle allows full ride height, spring rate and damping adjustability while trailing arm adjustment enables fine tuning of instant center. Then at the top of the page there is a link for the spring rate calculator. Unfollow qa1 coilover to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. This is a long story please bare with me. For a standard road car that would be fine, but my car isn’t standard so the values they used to calculate the spring rate and valving may not be applicable to my car. Limited Time Offer – Free Shipping on Orders $199 and up! 310-834-7478. $200. 0 Coilover-Profender Coil Over Shox came out when one of our high-end market customers requested for it. I was going to remove the spring and place it in my hydralic press, on top of a bathroom scale. It is easier to achieve handling and performance with a lower spring rate and a "stiff" stabilizer bar or shock. If the difference is more than your shock travel, then you're good. All you need is your shocks installed and two springs. Luckily though it's pretty simple. Current spring rate 400lbs, sag is 0. What we have basically is the vehicle weight, spring rate of 1. To do this, you will need a spanner wrench. QA1. ""Ifthe "vertical"offthecontrol"a rm"planestays outsideofthecoil ?over"axis"asthesuspension"travels "therateisincreasing"but"never" Using Spring Frequency factors in the sprung weight of the car per corner into determining what spring rate to run. Coilover shocks can have one, two, or three coil springs in a stack. Figure out what suspension frequency you want, update the vehicle data for your car in the white cells and the ideal spring rate will update in the yellow. Static Weight (continued) Choosing a Spring Rate This brings us to the most important part of the process, choosing a spring rate. Click on the red button to open the pdf file. The rate of the Main Spring will be the Secondary Rate. /in) Primary Spring Rate (lb Also, if you know how much your car lowers when it is sat on its wheels then you can calculate the static spring rate of your springs at ride height for future reference. The rear of a Clio has a motion ratio of about 1 for a full coilover and about 0. It is accumulated over two years of modifying suspension experience with theoretical education. 1) Daily driver 2) Daily driver and occasional track 3) Daily driver and frequent track From what I have seen, BC, KIDO, Megan, ebay -- all have a Front spring rate of 8 kg and a rear of 12 kg. This should be done before the coilover is installed. We keep a huge selection of 3. There is no magic one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to springs, and each car will require a different spring and spring rate. 4340 heat treated snouts. Spring Theory. With the right information, I can calculate suitable primary and secondary coil rates for your vehicle. All you need to do is change a value in any of the boxes in the upper section and the boxes in the lower section will automatically display the calculated values when you click 'Calculate'. 61 or 0. This gives a new rate of 150 0. For example, we can calculate the spring rate for a coil spring with a coil diameter of 0. Commonly asked questions like, "What's the difference between spring rate and preload?" and "Can't I make the spring stiffer by cranking in more preload?" require delving a little deeper into the Off road engineering offers the best pricing and unsurpassed customer service. In my case, the QA1 12-525 Spring Rate is defined as the amount of force required to move the spring a given distance, which means a 100lb/in spring will travel 1 inch for every 100lb of force exerted on the spring. Effectively, the spring rate you pick isn't what the wheel sees. This will require approximately 40% more spring rate in the front and 30% more spring rate in the rear to maintain similar suspension movement as OEM. COILOVER SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY W/ BLACK SPRING New, oil-filled coilover shock absorber assembly. From answering numerous questions that WORKS customers have posed and the countless conversations regarding suspension setup, we’ve come to realize that there is much misconception and misinformation surrounding the topic of spring rates in particular. Get the ride height you want without chopping on your springs! Don’t forget to use consistent units, subtract the unsprung weight from the setup pad corner weight, apply the proper constants to convert corner "weight" to corner "mass", and convert the spring rate to wheel rate correctly, using the motion ratio. Us our chart to find the correct spring rate and get some install tips from the  Feb 1, 2010 Read all about how to choose the propper spring rate for your suspension and really big brains-can precisely calculate the perfect spring rate by plunge for coilovers, our method involves starting out with a baseline spring  The spring rate is the force in pounds per EACH inch of compression the spring look at it is if the spring is compressed 1 inch you will measure 250 lbs of force. Unless I had bought the more expensive Competition dampers they would only rebuild mine or any others in the range to OEM standard, regardless of spring rate or use. To calculate with other shocks will be similar. on race trac, normally, all driver prefer to install higher “Most coilover-shock lengths will determine the length of spring to be used, but within that spring length, there are other considerations like the spring’s design, features, and spring rate. Ideally you want 2 1/2 to 3 inches of compression space or stroke for the shock absorber so your shocks have adequate room to do their job. Going to replace the spring with a eibach or racetech. Even if you calculate based off that there's room for personal preference & riding style. Spring Rate Review Only The spring rate review service provides coilover spring recommendations for one vehicle. Spring Rate Correction for Angle Mounting If your spring is mounted at an angle you will need to consider that in your spring calculations. With a quick overview of the terms, and a small change in language for clarity, you’ll be able to talk springs better than 99% of the population today. hey guys im wondering if anyone on here is a hardcore autoX guy or a a track guy, and uses their tiburon. For Nissan S13 S14 Silvia 180SX 240SX Front Coilover Camber Plate Top Mount par. 0" Coilovers 3. 18" Free Length. The above example is a highly unlikely situation, due to packaging constraints and other suspension factor of the vehicle. For correcting existing vehicles, we will use the existing springs to calculate your new spring rates. 7761 QA1 Quick Tip: "What is spring rate?" In this video, Bill explains what spring rate is and the difference between linear and progressive springs. Helper spring is to stop main spring rattling when uncompressed. WOW! What amazing customer service. If the valving is un-known its a crap shoot. Jay indicated that there is some formula to compute the effective spring rate and because of this the rear springs are not effectively as firm as the rate would indicate. By advanced. Hey guys. 0” ID spring while the 46mm shock uses a 2. Spring Rate = Static Load / Shock Ride Height. We have a chart (See above) here to help pencil out your spring rate once you have these measurements. Timken bearings, billet aluminum hubs featuring Sway-A-Way’s innovative bearing preload adjuster. Number of Active coils : Outside Diameter: Spring rate Lb/in: Spring Rate kg/mm: Shop QA1 Coilovers and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Any two springs that add up to 280 will give you the same combined spring rate. , about 12,000,000 lbf/in² or 80 GPa for steel), and N is the number of wraps D is the diameter of the coil. or for linear rate springs, there is a formula you can use to calculate the spring rate - google "spring rate formula" So now you have to figure the spring rate number is not an absolute number but something to calculate into the equation. Right - it means spring rate at ride heightwith the coils compressed by the weight of the car. I may end up trying some different spring rates, but this seemed like a good starting point. The other is by  How do I compare a Mustang front coil-over spring rate to a conventional Mustang spring in the stock location? The spring rates must be converted into wheel  Feb 18, 2019 Re: how to choose the right coilover spring rate?? thats what im tryin to figure out. In laymans terms 2Gs will require a higher spring rate than 1Gs for the same suspension stiffness. Click on the link below that relates to your shock type to see all the different rates. 5" of travel, and my truck weighs approximately 1250lb of sprung weight so in order to get in the middle of the shock travel 1250/1. Im wanting to change my coilover springs to a softer rate next week before i put my car in for a geo set up. 7" (1 mm compression of spring) of 2. Control arms include bump stops and have improved ball joint clearances. Coil Over Adjustable Shock , Find Complete Details about Coil Over Adjustable Shock,Adjustable Shock,Round Coil,Coilover from Other Suspension Parts Supplier or Manufacturer-PROFENDER CO. The key benefit of a linear rate spring is that it is easy to understand and set up for just about anyone, because there is only one variable to control, since the spring rate is consistent. 91 and square it to get 0. No Scale or any other hassle necessary. We started with a front rate of 217#, so we are going to increase this by 50% because of the added weight transfer and the lowered height. The load cell has been optimized for spring forces up to 5,000 lbs under all conditions. Coilovers Suspension Spring Struts Kit for Nissan S14 240SX 200SX 1994-1998. The formulas shown below will explain just how to calculate your compression and extension spring rate. Based on the example above, you would want to find a spring rate close to 110 lbs/in. The chart below provides motion ratios and wheel rate factors that can be used to calculate an approximate wheel rate for a spring installed on a 1979-2004 Mustang. MAXXCam increases vehicle function while providing your truck with a more aggressive look. The coilover is a basic part of the MacPherson strut suspension system, which is distinguished from other arrangements by employing a particular design of anti-roll bar as a longitudinal constraint. ) Distance (dist1, dist3, or dist5) (in) Distance (dist2, dist4, or dist6) (in) Droop % Spring angle from vertical (Degrees) Calculate Spring Rates Spring Rates (lb. g. If the spring is progressive all this goes out the window as the spring would add more than the stated rate each inch it is compressed. Now where it gets a lot harder to explain is when you try to calculate the spring rate. Available in many varieties giving you the ability to tailor your ride quality even more than your coilovers already giv Free rate is the rate of the spring when it is out of the chassis. Based off of your vehicle data above, we select the appropriate Natural Frequency for your suspension and mathematically calculate the optimal spring rate to yield the targeted Natural Frequency. The 500 will deflect 1 inch and the 100 5 inches. What is spring rate? Spring rate refers to the amount of weight that is needed to compress a spring one inch. When the coilover dual rate nuts are able to engage properly the lower spring collapses a lot more than the upper spring and the lower spring can go solid before the shocks are fully collapsed. Coilover Spring Rate & Force Modeling Calculator It's what it says it is: an Excel spreadsheet tool to allow you to model the result from combining different springs on a coilover shock. QA1 Coilovers in-stock with same-day shipping. The upper mount reinforcement is a direct bolt-in and holds a true 2-1/2 inch racing coilover with T-Bar. I will install them as soon as my Koni coilover sleeves come in. 5 inches =124. I just changed the rear spring in my bike based on this calculator and I was able to set the sag right. G is the spring's shear modulus (e. then 1" wheel rate means only 0. Coilover Spring Rates Versus Mounting Angles. The spring rate chart below is a general guideline. Five-way adjustable ride height settings. 180 refers to 180mm (7. For example, a dual-rate coilover is Once this happens, any additional deflection is only moving one spring, so the effective spring rate increases to the active spring’s rate. 67, so you will need a stiffer spring for the e30 The first will be calculating the coilover rate from the contribution of the coil over spring acting through the suspension geometry. Leaf Spring Suspension At A Glance. There is a progressive rate spring for street strip setups that might ride better than a specific rate spring. An air spring's rate is dependent upon how much pressure's inside, though. I can't find the formulas they use, but I don't think theirs is correct. The spring sounds stiff but these shocks only have 2. THE PICKETT. Is there a difference in comparing the spring rates on a coilover setup vs a conventional coil The wheel rate is the spring rate measured at the wheel. The wheel has more leverage to move the spring based on the lever action of the arm than it would if the spring was mounted out at the wheel like it is in the front. May 10, 2018 There are two main ways to calculate spring rate. A coilover spring is a compression coil spring, that is, a spring that is designed to carry a load by compressing. If you would like a different spring rate then copy the kit part number and paste it into the search field in our eBay Store to order the kit with your desired spring rate. Coilovers Cantaleiver S10 Coilover Suspension. For those of you who want to do your own spring rate calculations, there are some good online resources for this including Eibach’s suspension worksheet, which does an excellent job of explaining the different measurements required and how these allow you to calculate key variables including Motion Ratio (the mechanical advantage or lever ratio that the wheel has over the spring in How to Calculate Spring Rate for Coilover . Looking to find out how much preload will change when changing spring rates but keeping the same sag percentage. Keep in mind that spring rate selection is a means to an end, not the end itself. On larger vehicles this ideally should increase to 4 inches or more. we can calculate the behaviour of the wheel using an equation if we know the spring rate. So we take the cosine of 25 degrees, which is 0. Coilover Coil Struts TPM. I'm going to try a 12" spring with the same rating to see if it will sit lower. PAC & Eibach Coilover Springs **** Free Rate Calculations **** Spring Swapping**** We will calculate your spring rates for free when you purchase through us. – Current Spring Rate (In Lbs) Mittler Bros Hydroshox has combined the raise and lower ability of hydraulics with the latest coil over shock technology providing the ability to raise and lower your vehicle up to 5‰Û instantly while maintaining a comfortable ride at any height. Using spring frequency allows you to transfer and/or compare • Spring Rate: As above, the spring rate is measured in lbs and refers to the stiffness of the spring. Three factors influence spring rate: The spring rate decreases as the number of active coils increases, and fewer active coils yield a stiffer spring rate. High tensile coil-springs are designed as a direct fit into the factory upper spring pockets. 1: Force and 2: distance ] If a coilover is laid over 30deg from vertical, for every 1" of suspension travel requires 1. King racing shocks and sway-a-way shocks are also high quality shock and are also ajustable. you can calculate how much travel your spring has by measuring the thickness of each coil and calculating block height (height of spring at full compression), and take that away from full extended length. Spring Rate If however you throw away the factory suspension and hang the rear axle on a four-link or ladder bar assembly, then you must calculate what rate springs you need. Below is the calculation I used to determine my spring rates for auto cross Kw = the spring of the wheel (the contribution of the coilover spring  Godspeed project offers premium coilovers and suspension products at affordable Many people intuitively associate spring rate with the amount of resistance a mathematical way of setting the spring pre-load would be to first measure the  One of the most common questions that we are asked is "How do I determine what Spring Rate to choose?". 75). because i dont know whats a good rate for the rearsince  Spring rate, also known as spring constant, is the constant amount of force it takes a compression or extension spring to travel a proportionate amount of  Jan 17, 2017 This initial spring rate will be your spring rate until your coilover compresses When installing and calculating spring rates, try and start with a  Stacked Spring “Combined Rates” Chart. Another definition would be: The amount of force it takes to compress the spring 1-inch and is expressed in ld/in. Coil springs don't wear out or lose their rate. Ok need some help figuring my spring rates. 85 deg if desired. com I dont know about spring frequency, but from my understanding the tender spring is there to keep tension on the spring pack under droop, not to add anything to the spring rate. how to calculate spring rate for coilover

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